Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Calendar App on iPhone - Informant

I have been using this calendar app called Informant for a few months now and
with the recent upgrade it now falls in the category of one of the best
calendaring apps I have ever used on any smart phone. 
It has tons of very
useful features.

The other thing that really impressed me was how quickly I got answers back to
my questions and could put in RFEs.  I would send an email late at night or on
a weekend and get an answer back in minutes.  Maybe it is just one person on
the other end :-) but it was certainly very responsive in my case.

The only gotcha to be aware of is Apple's control of the SDK that does
not allow for any background processing.  As they state:

         "We do not sync directly with the iPhone Calendar or support off-line
         alarms due to lack of access to that functionality by the legal iPhone

The simple workaround is that you simply sync back to the iPhone's calendar
and/or get remote push alarms.  I use Informant to sync to Google's Calendar
and then sync to iPhone's calendar.  Yes, it sounds like too many steps, but it
just works.

Just as an FYI I have no financial or other interest in Informant - I just like
the product and thought I would pass it on  :-)