Saturday, May 28, 2011

Corvette The Cat (Kitten Right Now)

I open my 16x12 shed that my father and I built a decade ago and I see the cutest little black kitten right in front of me.  I found some baby squirrels in my shed a month ago.  I found a 6' black snake last year.  I am used to finding things in my shed :-)  I immediately closed the shed door and went next door to Peter and Alice's house.  I knocked on the door and said, "this is your area of expertise, come with me".   We got the little kitten out and Alice came over.  Tim, Mike and Julie came out to check out the kitten as well.  I told Alice, "you can have it under one condition, you name him/her "Corvette".  Peter and Alice are experts in taking care of cats and kittens.  They also prefer black kittens/cats.    Corvette joined the other two kittens they have and the three cats.  The other two kittens are called Simba and Carmela.  They have six cats/kittens right now.  They are not sure if Simba and Carmela will stay, but Corvette will.  Initially, Peter and Alice said if Corvette was female, then the name could not remain Corvette.  I explained that the name Corvette came from a British ship and ships are female.  Also, cars are females - aka "she's my little deuce coupe".  Peter agreed :-)   Below is me feeding Corvette just at Peter and Alice's house.