Friday, January 29, 2010

After Almost 23 Years, My Last Day At Sun Microsystems.....

I sent this note out today to Sun's employees after almost 23 years at Sun Microsystems....

-->From Fri Jan 29 10:19:15 2010
-->Subject: Thanks and Farewell

I received notice yesterday that Oracle and Dave Edstrom are going their separate ways and today is my last day at Sun/Oracle.

Let me just say right up front that after watching the five hour Oracle/Sun Roadmap presentation on Thursday, I could not be more impressed with Oracle's leadership team.  Oracle is very focused, they clearly know how to integrate companies.  Both Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy have genuine leadership qualities that one can only have by choosing their parents wisely aka you are born with it.   I sat in the back of the McLean, VA conference room watching the broadcast and it was great to see so many Sun employees nodding their heads in approval on Oracle's decisions.  It was even better watching all the Sun employees laugh when Larry Ellison was going after the competition.  Oracle will give Sun back its swagger.  I am 100% convinced that Oracle and Sun are going to kick butt and have fun!  I truly wish everyone the best.

Words can not express how grateful I am for having had the opportunity to have worked at Sun Microsystems for almost 23 years.  I have had more fun, learned more than anyone thought possible, and made a ton of lifetime friends.  My wife and I have been to 7 SunRises and were able to see parts of the world we never would have seen without Sun.  My oldest son, John, became Sun's Campus Ambassador at Virginia Tech and had a blast doing that for Sun.
I have been asked many times over the years (especially during the tough times at Sun):

       "Why do you stay at Sun?"

My response has always been the same:

       "Scott McNealy and Sun's employees."
When they would ask me to expand, I would tell them about all the things that were/are so great about Sun - the people, the mission, the products, the integrity of the company, and it all starts with Scott.  Scott will always be a hero to Dave Edstrom.

Personally, the biggest regret I have today is that I will no longer be working for James Hollingshead.  James is the best leader that I have ever worked for and IMO, the best leader at Sun.

I know that I was VERY fortunate to be work at Sun and I am extremely thankful for it.  It was PRICELESS to be paid for something that you LOVED doing.

I am going to miss the Sun employees the most.  Sun employees were/are the most creative, passionate and absolutely brilliant people on planet earth that would bend over backwards to help anyone.
Thanks so much everyone and please stay in touch - the computer industry is a very small world.

Best Regards,

Dave Edstrom
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