Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Honoring Dr. David A. Patterson MTConnect Dinner in Chicago

Above is the invitation to Dr. David A. Patterson's Dinner in Chicago honoring Dave for his tremendous contributions to MTConnect.

Above, Armando is making a point to Dave Patterson while I concentrate on feeding my face :-)

Above John Byrd is presenting Dave Patterson with a special MTConnect gift.

Above is Dr. Dave Patterson, Will Sobel (Consultant and Adjunct Professor at UCB, John Byrd (President of AMT), Dr. Armando Fox of UCB, Dave Edstrom and Paul Warndorf (CTO of AMT) after Dave Patterson's Dinner.

MTConnect at IMTS was a HUGE success and the dinner was fantastic. Leaders in the manufacturing industry also attended this dinner in Chicago.

Coming up -- specifics on the huge success of MTConnect at IMTS in Chicago.....