Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Round Trip Metric Century OC, MD -- North of Lewes, DE

One of the bucket list bike rides I have been wanting to do was from Ocean City, MD to north of Lewes, Delaware (where I run out of land and have to turn around). I did this last week for the first time and it was 64.8 miles round trip. It was a GREAT day for this ride.

Above is the bridge over the Oregon Inlet in Delaware.

Above is the view north of Lewes, DE.

Above is the Cape May-Lewes Ferry entry point.

Above and below is from Gordon's Pond north of Rehoboth, DE.

Above is the huge wind mill from University of Delaware and below is an old Farmall like my grandfather had that is used for pulling boats in a boat yard I pulled into north of Lewes.

Below is my bike speedometer that shows the total miles.

2017 Edstrom - Franklin OC, MD Family Reunion

In January of this year we received an email from Bobbi and Richard Franklin mentioning that we should try to get the entire crew together for a reunion at Ocean City, Maryland this summer.   We all looked at dates, spoke to our kids, and settled on the week of June 24th.  The Franklin and Edstrom families have been vacationing together since the 1990s and have always had a great time.

This was the absolute BEST week we have had!  Below are photos from this past week and in years past as well.

Above is the big group of us enjoying dinner at Crabcake Factory Seafood Restaurant.  From the left going clockwise is Michael, Tim, Laura, Janet, John, me, Taylor, Bobbi, Julie, my sister Dr. Julie, my father John, my mother Ruth and Richard.

Above is a photo of all us with Bobbi's parents sitting in the front row on the left next to my parents.

Below is the weather forecast and it turned it was correct and we had GREAT weather in Ocean City, Maryland this past week.

Above is the water bottle that I had made at Walls Litho (former boss Sue Walls Print Shop) which Tim and I designed and gave out to everyone who attended.  I thought it would be a nice way to remember a GREAT week.

Above is the view from the Edstrom compound's balcony.  We had a 5 bedroom, 3,000 sq. ft. condo at Ocean Break that we had for the week that was fantastic.

Above, Janet took a photo of Tim, John and Julie in front of the first place we hit at lunch which is The Dough Roller and Dayton's Chicken with Thrasher Fries at Ocean City's famed board walk.  Michael showed up for lunch and the Franklins got in later in the day.

A must dessert is Dumser's Dairyland for some ice cream!

Above is me and my three sons enjoying a drink before we all had dinner at the bar at Hooked the first night.

Above is all of us at Harborside Bar and Grill in West Ocean City.  Michael's girlfriend Colleen was able to make it for a few days after taking the red-eye in from California.

Above is Tim, Michael and John before they left on their 55mph Jetskis at Top Gun on Dorchester Street next to Marina Deck.

Above is my sister with her three nephews.

 Above is Grandpa with his three grandsons and below is my mother with Colleen.
Below is Taylor, Julie, Tim and me enjoying a drink at The Big Chill at Oregon Inlet in Delaware on our way to have dinner at Jake's in Rehoboth.

Below are five photos of the Edstrom and Franklin kids in the early to mid 2000s.  From left to right on the back row is Michael and John Edstrom with Casey and Max Franklin.  In the front row is Tim Edstrom and Taylor Franklin.  Unfortunately Casey and Max Franklin could not make it for the 2017 reunion.

The Jordan's know how much I love Old Bay, that they bought me the hat!  Above I am drinking Deadrise beer (Old Bay Beer) with my hat on :-)

 Above is from 2006.

Above is from 2007.

Above is from July 2007.

 Above is from 2003.
 Above is from 2002.

Above is from 2006 where are all of us including my sister holding onto Tim with my parents - John and Ruth - between Tim and me.   This was down near the lower part of OC near Marina Deck Restaurant.

Above is Taylor and Tim in 2003.

Above is Julie and Bobbi in 2015.

Above is Casey and his girlfriend Kelsey in 2015.

Above is from 2015 with our multiple umbrella setup so folks can get out of the sun.

Above is Bobbi, Richard, Julie and me in 2013.

Above is from 2010 with Richard and the whole crew with Janet next to John.

Above is a photo from a few years ago of Bobbi, me, Richard and Julie.

Below are two videos of Richard and me competing on who could ride the waves the furthest - Richard won one and I won one :-)