Monday, November 25, 2013

Ocean City, MD in the Fall sent us a $100 gift certificate because our room in Blacksburg, VA did not have a tub.  Like anyone would ever sit in a hotel tub at the low end place we stayed when we visited our middle son Michael who graduates next month with two degrees - Professional Writing and Creative Writing.

We used the gift certificate to stay at a nice hotel at Ocean City, MD for the weekend.  We left in the Grand Sport on a Saturday morning and came back Sunday.  I had always wanted to take one of my Corvettes to OC, but we always had too much junk to haul.  This was a great and fun fall weekend at OC, MD.

Julie loves to walk and I love to ride a bike.  With no bike, we walked from one end of the boardwalk to the other and back on Saturday and Sunday.  2 1/2 miles one way meant we did 10 miles of walking just on the boardwalk.  Julie had new walking shoes and I had 12 year basketball high tops.  Take a guess whose feet were blistered :)

Below is near the inlet on the southern most tip of the boardwalk.

You don't see photos like this very often from OC.  Middle of the morning, not a cloud in the sky and the boardwalk is completely empty.  Two of our favorite places to eat at OC, Dayton Brothers Chicken and Dumser's Dairyland.

Below is the northern most tip of the boardwalk.