Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Virtual Photons in Quantum Biology

I was reading an interesting white paper (it is posted as a white paper but appears to be available in book form as well)  at Global Quantum Quest titled "An Advanced Treatise in SUBSPACE and QUANTUM ASPECTS of BIOLOGY" and specifically Chapter 6 on Virtual Photons.

The excellent white paper is written by Professor William C. Nelson, The College of Practical Homeopathy, London England.

The explanation of what happens with an MRI was particularly well written:

"The detection of particular body-made photons has become another paramount science in the utilization of magnetic resonance imagery (MRI). In MRI, when the body is exposed to a large magnetic field, the protons of the hydrogen inside the water molecule, the two protons next to the oxygen, will move with their magnetic moment, to parallel the magnetic field. When the magnetic field is removed these protons will jump back to their original state, and in so doing, will release a photon. The photon that is released is vibrating at 64 megahertz, and has a wavelength of approximately 3.8 meters. The magnetic resonance machines will then intake this photon and, through sophisticated computerized processes, be able to describe the amount of water and the location of the water via the triangulation theory used within the computerized software."

Above is just one example of the clarity of Professor Nelson's writing and the entire white paper that is posted is very well written.