Saturday, November 23, 2013

50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Fateful Day In Dallas

Went out with my parents, my wife, Michael and Tim last night for dinner.  I asked my parents what they were doing 50 years ago when Kennedy was shot.  My mother said she was shopping at the Base Exchange (BX) and hear the news.  She put down all the stuff she was getting ready to purchase and went home to be with my father who was watching on our black and white TV in Rapid City, South Dakota.  They did what the rest of the nation did that day, they all watched TV in disbelief.  My memories at age 4 1/2 were less of the horrible nature and more of the "this is the most I have ever seen my parents watch TV".

This two minute video of Clint Hill, the Secret Service Agent who jumped on the back of the Presidential limo in Dallas is an unbelievable first hand account on what happened.