Monday, September 6, 2010

Mazak, I/Gear and Gardner Publications - First Three Booths I Am Going To Visit at IMTS

This is an article I wrote that will appear in the September 8th IMTS Insider.

The excitement is reaching a crescendo pitch as we get within a week for the start of IMTS 2010 and the Emerging Technology Center (ETC)!

The first order of business is to visit the ETC and see the incredible 3D movie and visit each of the four pods (sections) of the ETC:
  • MTConnect
  • Cloud Computing
  • Additive Technologies
  • Nanotechnology

The ETC will spark your imagination and likely generate a mental list of the IMTS Booths you must go visit.    I thought I would share with you my must visit booths at IMTS and why.

The first must visit booth is Mazak.   Brian Papke, Mazak president of Mazak, is a recognized industry thought leader and a huge supporter of MTConnect from literally day one back in 2006.    Mazak announced on August 9th, 2010, the Mazak Energy Dashboard, which is exactly what customers are crying out for and something that I am looking forward to seeing in person.  Below is part of the announcement:

Florence, Kentucky, - Mazak has announced that it will be demonstrating the Mazak Energy Dashboard at IMTS 2010. The Mazak Energy Dashboard exemplifies how the MTConnect communications protocol can be used to provide manufacturers with cost savings and boosts productivity and efficiency. Mazak will be located in booth S-8300 at IMTS 2010.

The Mazak Energy Dashboard is an interface that provides real-time monitoring of energy usage, environmental impact and carbon footprint for a wide variety of machine tools and peripherals. The software identifies key drivers of energy expenses so that they can be managed and minimized, as well as helping manufacturers minimize their effects on the environment.”

After visiting the ETC, go visit Mazak at booth S-8300 and ask to see their Mazak Energy Dashboard.

Next up, I am going to head over to the I/Gear at booth N-6146. Mark Doyle and I/Gear has been a huge supporter of MTConnect and I/Gear is really ahead of the crowd in terms of where the manufacturing industry is going. Below is something very cool that I/Gear is doing with cloud computing:

MTConnect implementer, I/Gear Online, is launching a blog this week focusing on cloud computing and manufacturing equipment. The blog,, is an educational resource that aggregates industry articles about cloud computing, and seeks to highlight the current and future relevance of cloud computing to manufacturing companies and machine builders. Because MTConnect is a perfect marriage with cloud computing, expect to see plenty content featuring MTConnect developments and successes in the manufacturing industry. Contact Mark Doyle,, if you would like to contribute any MTConnect news to the blog.”

Next, I am heading over to Gardner Publications at booth W-160 to speak with Rick Kline or any of the talented and creative Gardner employees. Gardner Publications does an absolutely phenomenal job in an impressive set of industries:

  • Metalworking - Modern Machine Shop
  • Precision Machining  - Production Machining
  • Plastics Processing - Plastics Technology
  • Metal Finishing - Products Finishing
  • Moldmaking - MoldMaking Technology
  • Automotive production - Automotive Design & Production
  • Composite Materials - Composites Technology and High Performance Composites
  • Rapid Product Development - Time Compression
  • Business Continuity - Continuity Insights
  • Industrial Precision Parts Cleaning - Process Cleaning

Gardner Publications provides the comprehensive in depth reporting that is critical to understand what is happening in manufacturing on a wide variety of fronts. Stopping by the Gardner Publications booth at the beginning of your IMTS 2010 visit can help educate, as well as optimize your great IMTS experience!

These are my suggestions and I know you can't go wrong adding Mazak, I/Gear and Gardner Publications to your must visit list at IMTS.