Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thanks Pastor Qualley 29 Years at Lord of Life Church

This past Sunday was Pastor Ron Qualley's last service at Lord of Life Church in Fairfax, VA.  Pastor Qualley took over for Pastor Ron Christian 29 years ago.  Pastor Christian married Julie and me in 1983. Taking over for Pastor Christian who founded the church in Fairfax was a real challenge with some big shoes to fill.

Pastor Qualley took the church to new levels by building a new church in Fairfax as well as building another church in Clifton. More importantly than that was he was always there for the many members of our church and specifically the Edstrom family. He was always there when a relative died, someone had surgery or any of the typical life challenges that happen.

Pastor Qualley did the funeral services for Julie's father, mother and grandmother at Lord of Life.  None of them were members of the church but Pastor Qualley did not hesitate when I asked him if he would do the services.

Pastor Qualley baptized and confirmed our sons John, Michael and Tim. He will be there to marry our oldest son John and his fiancee Janet in May of this year.

I can't thank Pastor Qualley enough for everything that he has done for our family.

Below is a photo of Pastor Qualley at his last Christmas service and below that is a photo of Pastor Qualley with his wife Sandi at the last service this past Sunday.