Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend at Cape Cod with Dr. Gawarkiewicz and His Lovely Wife Connie

Dr. Glen Gawarkiewicz, his wife Connie, my wife Julie and me in front of the Paul Revere statue in Boston after great dinner at Limoncello.  The waiter was great as we told stories all night and he even sat down a few times to tell a few stories.  We had a great time. 

Perfect weather all weekend long as witnessed by this picture of The Old North Church.

East Falmouth.  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) is the large building in the distance. NOTE: This is not WHOI's main campus location.

View from East Falmouth.

Biking on Cape Cod.

Here I am pondering how to best answer Dr. Gawarkiewicz's question of me:

"What is the relationship between the seasonal temperature fields from the new Gulf of Mexico climatology reports stating accumulated reverse polarity, ionized isopycnals overlays in summer, while allowing for the cross mixing from non-horizontally organized storms, which as well all know, will homogenize the sargentized rock shelf water that has stochastic properties, yet partially non-deterministic when the causing affects of Lloyd Hill's vacuum slope is both increasing steeply in the shelfbreak region while realizing that any grand unified oceanographic theory that does not allow for both a ocean currents wave and particle duality to exist except in the down quark, the muon and the strange quark, and the tau lepton and the bottom quark stages of current partially-affected sectorization Earl tangents that all come together in forming the very elusive gork particle which is believed to be the godfather to Higgs boson is both contradictory in the standard model, yet correct mathematically when the Austin Peay recursive, regenerative quantum-sliced Williams model is applied?"
 My response?   "I can tell that you went to Lake Braddock Secondary School in Fairfax County, VA as your logic has been forever flawed by the incredibly stupid Open Classroom Experiment in the mid 1970s.  Did you have Mr. Patchett for Government as well?   If so, you are REALLY in trouble." :-)

Jet Skiing at Ocean City, MD

Michael 19, Tim 16, me OLD, and John 22 at Ocean City MD before we all go jet skiing.

Michael, Tim and John before we took off to Assateague Island for some 60mph jet skiing.   Julie decided I did not warrant being in the picture I guess :-)

 Four of us coming back from Assateague Island.

Nice sunset from the Marina Deck Restaurant after an hour of high speed Sea-Doo jet skiing.