Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Orlando Shooting

Samantha Bee on the Orlando shooting speaks for ANYONE who has common sense.

Romney and Warren Are Right On Trump - Where Is Paul Ryan's Moral Compass?

How many times do Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren agree?  

On Donald Trump, they are both correct.

As reported on ABC News:  "Speaking to a crowd of roughly 300 political and business leaders at his annual summit in Park City, Romney said he worried about the example a Trump presidency might set for future generations, that it would lead to "trickle-down racism."

As reported by the Boston Globe:

"Warren addressed the American Constitution Society’s national convention in Washington. She relentlessly attacked Trump, especially for his recent description of a federal judge as biased against him because the US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel is of Mexican heritage.

“Judge Curiel is one of countless American patriots who has spent decades quietly serving his country, sometimes at great risk to his own life,’’ Warren said. “Donald Trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and serves nobody but himself.’’  Warren said at the American Constitution Society of Law and Policy National Convention in Washington just before endorsing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president."

As CNN reported:
"House Speaker Paul Ryan ripped Donald Trump's recent remarks saying a judge presiding over a lawsuit involving his business was biased because of his Mexican heritage as "the textbook definition of a racist comment.""

The article continues:

"I disavow those comments," Ryan said. Pressed on whether he regretted his own endorsement of Trump that came last week, Ryan added, "I regret those comments he made."

Let's be clear, IF you support a racist, THEN YOU ARE A RACIST AS WELL.  There is no "well, I like the other ideas that Trump has" and you get a pass on being a racist BS.   You're a racist, just admit if you are voting for Trump.  You CAN'T have it BOTH ways. Period. Hard stop.

The problem is that Hillary is certainly no saint and I blogged on March 4th, 2015 that this personal email server issue should disqualify her for any future offices.

Unfortunately, the only rationale answer in 2016 is to hold your nose and vote for Hillary.