Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The “Next Big Things” Are in the Emerging Technology Center at IMTS

The “Next Big Things” Are in the Emerging Technology Center

From the IMTS Insider.....

Everyone comes to IMTS to see "the next big thing." You can see four of those "next big things" all in one place at IMTS — the Emerging Technology Center (ETC).

The four featured technologies this year are cloud computing, MTConnect®, nanotechnology/micro manufacturing, and additive manufacturing. Get a brief overview by checking out a cool 3-D video that discusses these leading-edge technologies. Then, take a tour of the ETC and see some in-depth demonstrations firsthand.

MTConnect, the open, royalty-free standard developed to foster communication between machine tools, made its debut in the ETC at IMTS 2008. More companies have begun pilot programs with MTConnect, and the standard is beginning to garner international attention.

IMTS 2010 will feature a live demonstration of MTConnect. The demonstration will focus on the ability of applications to collect data from machines and devices and show how that data can be utilized. The MTConnect Institute is asking registered Implementers and members of MTConnect to join in providing examples of the use of MTConnect. The demonstration will be conducted over the Internet, so it’s not necessary to have a booth in the show to participate — but it might be wise to consider.

Cloud computing is a technology that has gained popularity by leaps and bounds over recent years; you can learn more about it in the Cloud Computing articles by Dave Edstrom featured in the May 2010 and June 9 editions of the IMTS Insider.

Nanotechnology is the development of materials and devices sized 100 nanometers or smaller, important especially in the fields of electronics and medicine. Come learn about "the enormity of smallness!"

Additive manufacturing, the process of building objects from 3-D model data, allows design flexibility previously unknown and impossible in traditional subtractive processes. It allows for a much more rapid production process, as well as materials flexibility.
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