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How to get maximum returns from Smart Manufacturing?


“How to get maximum returns from Smart Manufacturing?”


is the new question abuzz in the manufacturing world. The industry has recognized that adding sensors to machines is not enough and a lot more needs to be done to ensure tangible business outcomes. MEMEX Inc. with its vision to convert every machine into a node on the corporate network brings to you

Smart Tips for Smart Manufacturing

Dynamic Dashboards are your best friends:
Use dynamic easy to interact dashboards, throughout the shop floor, to create a culture of ownership and strengthen the team along with setting clear concise guidelines and expectation.
Foster intrapreneurial attitude:
Employees are the best agents of positive change. Empower, through data, every employee to be the driver and the influencer of the continuous improvement process.
Constant vigilance:
Businesses need to be continuously exploring relevant non-intrusive, easy to adopt, data-driven solutions that furthers their manufacturing initiatives for maximum efficiency. 
Harness Real-Time information for maximize OEE:
Machine connectivity is only a baseline requirement. It’s the actual analysis of the Real-Time data and the decisions, taken on basis of that analysis, that result in tangible business outcomes.

No machine gets left behind:
With every machine, new or old, acting as a node on the company network a business can achieve the targeted OEE and outcomes.

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