Monday, September 29, 2014

Seagull Century 2014 with Jeff and Gork

The weather was absolutely picture perfect - not a cloud in the sky, no humidity, 73 degrees with very little wind for Seagull Century 2014.  As we said along the way - this is as good as it gets.  At the  end of the blog I have lots of statistics on our ride from my cyclemeter app.  The ride we did is technically known as the Seagull Century - Assateague Ride because you have lunch at Assateague Island.

Unfortunately, Steve Fritzinger could not make it this year, but he plans to be there next year.  I am trying to put pressure on long time buddies Connie Stack and John Meyer to ride next year as well as my cousin Richard Franklin.  If you see those three, put some pressure on them! :-)  Speaking of next year... I am going to have my lovely bride of 31 years come down because I am too damn old to drive back the three hours after riding a 100 miles I have decided.  We are going to spend the weekend in Ocean City, Maryland - which will make it very nice.

From left to right is Dr. Glen "Gork" Gawarkiewicz, me and Jeff Stone starting out at 7am from University of Salisbury on September 27th, 2014.

Above is the first rest stop at the 23 mile mark.

The 43 mile marker.

Above is the top of the bridge that takes you into Assateague Island at the Metric Century (100 kilometers or 63 mile marker) with Ocean City, Maryland in the distance.

Above is a 360 degree view of the top of the bridge into Assateague Island

Above is at the 84 mile marker - the toughest part is the last 16 miles.  They have a live band with unlimited pie and ice cream at this stop which is nice.

Above is a photo taken by Gork's wife, Connie, as we hit the finish line.

Finished at the 100 mile mark - no tumbles, no injuries and heading to the beer garden!

 One form of proof was my bicycle speedometer.

 Above, in blue, is the path for the Seagull Century.  For some reason the cyclemeter app did not put all the mileage points in as it usually does.

Celebrating a well earned beer or two!

Here were the statistics according to cyclemeter app that I used:

Finished Cycle: Sep 27, 2014, 4:25:48 PM
Route: New Route
Ride Link:
Import Link:
Ride Time: 7:23:38
Stopped Time: 1:53:49
Distance: 101.79 miles
Average: 13.77 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.18 mph
Ascent: 1775 feet
Descent: 1805 feet
Calories: 6952

Below are the individual split averages

Cycle on Sep 27, 2014
Now 4:25 PM
ride time 7:23:38, 101.79 miles, average 13.77 mph, 6952 calories, ascent 1775 f