Thursday, November 17, 2011

How Congress Trades Behind Closed Doors To Their Benefit

As is stated at the 60 Minutes site--> "Peter Schweizer of the Hoover Institution says the most valuable intelligence is often traded behind closed doors."

This 60 Minutes episode on how Congress is legally allowed to be insider traders is a must watch. 

New Corvette 2012 Brochure Is Out

The new Corvette 2012 brochure is out.

It is different than our typical car brochure and has interesting stories, lots of specs and great pictures.  Tommy is Tommy Milner who is just one of four Corvette Race drivers.  Doug is Doug Fehan and is the Corvette Racing Program Manager.   Below is a snippet on the 24 Hours At LeMans which is very cool:

TOMMY With six hours remaining in the race, we were looking good. our sister car, the No. 74 Corvette, was in the lead, and we’d been running the No. 73 steadily in the top five for 17 hours. Then— bang!—the 74 Corvette gets tangled up with a Porsche, and suddenly ferrari’s now in first and we’re a lap down. But as a team, we told ourselves: “We can make that up.”

DOUG Louis Chevrolet was himself a racer, and his motto, “Never give
up!” is a philosophy we embraced from our first visit here. Tommy’s
codriver, Antonio Garcia, just started chipping away at the ferrari,
cutting the margin every lap. Tommy took over at the 21st hour and
continued to reel in the ferrari, gaining as much as six seconds per
lap during his stint. With about two hours and 10 minutes to go,
he made the pass for the lead on the Mulsanne  straight. Antonio
brought it home for the win, just one lap separating first and second.

TOMMY That was the hardest race of my life. I’d been super
comfortable in the car all day long, but I was not comfortable right
then, when I caught the ferrari. We still had a few hours to go, and
the pressure was crazy. I was just trying to drive the car to what the
track would allow. Every lap it changed, every corner it changed.
for 24 hours, the only thing you’re living, breathing and sleeping is
racing. You drive into the night and through the night. The sun comes
up and you go, “oK, we’re almost there, right?” You look at your watch
again—another eight hours to go. You’re just completely engulfed in
this one race.

DOUG Le Mans is a test of man and machine, and testing yourself
and your limits, and seeing how well you can perform for 24 hours
straight without making any mistakes. I think our come-frombehind win embodied the spirit of our Chevrolet cofounder.