Friday, July 15, 2011

Kepware Technologies Announces New MTConnect Driver for KEPServerEX

Kepware Technologies Announces New MTConnect Driver for KEPServerEX

Kepware Technologies Continues to Focus on Interoperability with its Upcoming Release of the MTConnect Driver

Portland, ME July 14, 2011 — Kepware Technologies, the leader in Communications for Automation, announced today that the upcoming release of the KEPServerEX communication platform will include the new MTConnect Driver. MTConnect is a royalty-free Open standard for connecting shop-floor technologies that furthers the Automation industry’s goal of seamless manufacturing operation. Kepware’s MTConnect Driver allows connectivity to any MTConnect Agent.
Much like the OPC standards for which Kepware is renowned, the MTConnect standard intends to reduce the number of proprietary manufacturing equipment protocols and make communications open to all machine tool owners. With over 150 communication drivers that support several hundred protocols, KEPServerEX will now be available for the benefit of the machine tool manufacturers who have implemented or plan to implement the MTConnect standard.

"The MTConnect Institute is excited to have an industry leader, such as Kepware, become an MTConnect Technical Advisory Group Member, as well as announce an MTConnect driver for their KEPServerEX release,"  said Dave Edstrom, President and Chairman of the Board for the MTConnect Institute. "It is companies like Kepware who see the importance of moving toward common interface standards for manufacturing, such as MTConnect, that will help bring about the interoperability capabilities needed to reduce the overbearing costs of connectivity on the shop floor."
“The KEPServerEX Communications Platform allows users to achieve interoperability between client/server layer protocols, device protocols and many other types of interfaces in a single environment,” said Tony Paine, President of Kepware Technologies. “We view the MTConnect standard as an evolution for machine tool connectivity and are excited to add the capabilities it provides to our product offering.”

The MTConnect Driver for KEPServerEX is scheduled for release at the end of July, 2011. For more information on this or any other driver, contact

ABOUT Kepware Technologies: Kepware Technologies, established in 1995, develops a wide range of communication and interoperability software solutions for the Automation industry. Our flexible and scalable solutions are for connecting, managing, monitoring, and controlling diverse automation devices and software applications. Our industry endorsed software solutions improve operations and decision-making throughout all levels of an organization. Kepware Technologies' mission is to be “Your Standard for Connectivity”.
ABOUT MTConnect Organization: The MTConnect Institute is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) independent organization established to further the development of MTConnect standards and materials.  The organization includes a Technical Advisory Group (MTCTAG) and a Technical Steering Committee, as well as working groups to further the standards in specific technology areas.