Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Very Sad Day - The Passing of Steve Jobs

I mentioned this on August 28th - but I am going to repeat it again because of Steve's Job's passing today.  I am typing this on a MacBook Pro with an iPhone in my pocket and looking at the iMac sitting across the room with my wife using her iPhone to do a crossword puzzle as we watch CNN's reporting on Steve Jobs.

It really is the classic success story of starting a company in a garage.  Who will ever forget the 1984 Macintosh commercial.

I had the great fortune to hear Steve Jobs speak on few occasions while at Sun Microsystems.  I remember when he told the story about walking through Xerox PARC and seeing the first window system graphical user interface and a mouse.
Steve said, "all of you would have realized that this was the future of computing and did the same thing I did."  I remember saying to the person next to me, "no we wouldn't, we're not Steve Jobs".  The one thing that is true, is that Steve Jobs has a a reality distortion field around him when he spoke.  He is without peer when it comes to talking technology in a clear, concise and compelling way.

There will never be another Steve Jobs....

Below is from Apple's web site:

Below is my favorite commencement address of all time by Steve Jobs at Stanford.

Below is Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together.

Below is the NeXT computer booting that I remember when Joel Mclung, formerly of Sun then at NeXT, showed a NeXT computer to me and NeXTSTEP.