Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wonderful Time in CA - John and Janet's New Home

Our oldest son, John and his wife Janet, purchased a wonderful home in Redwood City.  We went out there to visit for a few days and then Tim, my youngest son, and I did some of the items on the to-do list for five days.  I also picked up tools for John that will be needed for his first home. 

Here are photos of some of the days and nights we took a break from the work.

Above we stopped by to see my cousin Lynn and his wife Jane in Glen Ellen during the first Saturday we were out there.  Lynn and Jane have and are redoing Lynn's mom's, Dorothy - my aunt and godmother who passed away in 2016, house and doing a fantastic job.  We had lunch in Sonoma and our goto Cheese Factory Restaurant and hit a few wineries on the way back.

 Above was a photo of the six of us at Jacuzzi Winery on the way back into the city before we had dinner at Scoma's on the water that evening.

Monday for lunch we ate our our favorite pizza place in the city Tony's Pizza.

We enjoyed a beer at a local pub as we walked to have dinner (below) at one of our favorite restaurants - Caffe Sport.  Janet had to work that Monday and John was able to take off.

We took one night to play basketball near Facebook at a great gym, no charge with free use of basketballs.  I had to prove I could still (barely at age 58) palm a basketball -  John and Tim can easily palm a basketball!

Michael, Tim, John and Janet at a local winery in Sonoma.  Tim is below getting ready to enjoy a nice meal at The Fish Market after one of our many hard days of work :-) 

We spent our last day at Half Moon Bay having a wonderful lunch and then going down to the water.  It was a lot of fun spending 8 days in CA, first vacationing with John, Janet as well as Julie, Michael, and Tim.   Tim and I accomplished a lot at John and Janet's house (not that it needed anything major) and I think Tim and John learned a few things regarding home maintenance along the way as well :-)