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The Killer App from MTInsight: IMTS 2012 App

May 9, 2012
By Dave Edstrom

A killer app is defined as an application that is so innovative that it creates its own category. It sells itself because it becomes an “absolutely must-have.”  I believe that MTInsight IMTS 2012 is a killer app. If you are an IMTS exhibitor and have not yet looked into what this app can offer you, then you are missing the opportunity to go from having a good IMTS to having a great IMTS. No matter the size of your booth, you should absolutely invest in the MTInsight IMTS 2012 App because it is the best bang for the buck going for IMTS.

In my experience, the No. 1 killer app from 1970s through today is VisiCalc, which I was demonstrating and selling back in the late 1970s.  I was going to college at night, programming in assembler during the day for the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and working weekends selling TRS-80s for Radio Shack.

NOTE:  This next paragraph was edited out of the IMTS Insider, but it is important to me because it puts in context how much money people were making back in "the day".  I guess AMT's editors did not like, but I do so I am including it here:

Why was I selling TRS-80s on weekends?  The answer was that in 1978 a good friend of mine made $83,000 selling TRS-80s.   Today, $83,000 is a very nice income level today, but in 1978 that was a whole lot of money to be making per year.   If we were to calculate what $83,00 would be equivalent to in 2011 dollars it would be $286,000 per year.   When VisiCalc came out in 1979, my friend’s income doubled.  VisiCalc had changed everything to what would be the equivalent of $572,000 in 2011 dollars for my friend.   Needless to say he was knocking it out of the park.   I was not nearly as good as he was, but I did ok myself.  I was making more on a weekend than I was during the entire week.
A typical demonstration for VisiCalc followed a common scenario.   I would sit a customer down, explain the physical components of a TRS-80 and jump into showing off VisiCalc.   I would create a very simple spreadsheet and then start adding to it.   At some point the customer would say, “Can you do this?”  Then the suggestions would become more and more specific until finally the customer would say, “get out of the chair, I want to try this.”  At that point I knew I had a sale.  At my very best, I probably had a 35% close ratio on someone buying a system and VisiCalc.  I had a 70% close ratio if it was just selling VisiCalc to a user who already had a TRS-80.

MTInsight’s IMTS 2012 is a killer app because 9 out of 10 exhibitors who receive a demo from AMT’s Steve Lesnewich, Mark Kennedy or Kim Brown buy the IMTS 2012 app. Let me repeat that number in case you thought it was a typo – a 90% close ratio. Certainly Steve, Mark, and Kim are fantastic at what they do, but I would suggest that it is the tremendous value of MTInsight IMTS 2012 app that basically sells itself.
If you’re wondering why 9/10 exhibitors that demo the IMTS 2012 app lead to a  purchase, here are the Top 8 reasons:
  1. Unlimited access to sell and market to more than 42,000 IMTS 2010 contacts!
    • Invite your 2010 leads back to your booth in 2012
    • Add your perfect prospects to your CRM today
  2. Unlimited access to sell and market to IMTS 2012 registrants – starting June 1
  3. Filter prospects by geography, industry, product interest, buying role, job function, and plant size to find your key customers
    • Target your marketing campaigns
    • Send leads to your sales teams and distributors now
  4. See what days your key customers are coming to IMTS 2012
    • Market the special events in your booth to visitors attending that day
    • Find out when the executives and engineers will be at IMTS
  5. Filter prospects by geography, industry, product interest, buying role, job function, and plant size to find your key customers
    • Target your marketing campaigns
    • Send leads to your sales teams and distributors now
  6. Compare your booth performance to other exhibitors in your pavilion, quadrant, building, and the whole show
    • Examine your booth traffic and leads in one place
    • See how your leads compared to those gathered in your pavilion
  7. Identify new opportunities – everyone who missed your booth in 2010 and post show 2012
    • Tell your 2010 opportunities why they must visit your booth in 2012
    • Sell to your opportunities all year long
  8. Pinpoint visitor traffic trends to amplify your booth's productivity
    • Help staff your booth with daily and hourly traffic analysis from 2010
    • Plan your booth events to maximize floor traffic and effectiveness
  9. Visualize never-before-seen data using state-of-the-art interactive tools
    • Create custom reports anytime, anyplace
    • Export what you need in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, HTML and CSV files
Each of those is a great reason to buy the IMTS 2012 app, but here’s the primary reason why I think MTInsight IMTS 2012 is a killer app.  If we were to ask every exhibitor at IMTS what they expected to get out of the show this year, it would be first sales and then leads. If you look at what sales are all about, it comes down to having the opportunity to show your product and/or service to a qualified customer. The MTInsight IMTS 2012 app helps you find qualified leads before, during, and after IMTS.

Don’t just take just my word for it; here is what Peter Eelman, AMT Vice President-Exhibitions & Communications says:  "MTInsight IMTS 2012 is the type of app that can pay for itself many times over — with just one extra sale. I would encourage all IMTS exhibitors to check out this app at We designed this app to help IMTS exhibitors have their best year ever at IMTS."
Also, Tom Snyder, AMT’s Exhibitions Sales Manager, thinks this is an app that can make a huge different for IMTS exhibitors. “I’ve been at AMT for 27 years and working with IMTS exhibitors for 22 years. I can think of no better investment for a successful IMTS than the MTInsight IMTS 2012 app.”

2012 One-Year Bundle - $1,650 2012 Two-Year Bundle - $2,250
IMTS Lite ($200 value) - through May 31
IMTS Lite ($200 value) - through May 31
One-year MTInsight subscription Two-year MTInsight subscription

IMTS 2012 is your ONLY source for IMTS registration contacts. 

Visit to learn more and subscribe. For questions, pricing, or to schedule a live demonstration contact Mark Kennedy ( or 703-827-5220) or Kim Brown ( or 703-827-5223) today!

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