Friday, August 22, 2014

Spending The Day on the Chesapeake Bay with Garry Jakoby

Long time friend and Sun employee - Garry Jakoby - invited us to spend the day with him on his 41' yacht last Saturday.  What a GREAT day!  Perfect weather and a perfect time.  Thanks Garry!

Above is Garry, Julie and me at the Annapolis Yacht Club

Below is Julie and Garry on the yacht.

Above is the famous Thomas Point Light House we went by on the way to have lunch at St. Michaels

Below is St. Michaels

Above is pulling in to St. Michaels.  Garry controls this 41' yacht better than I can control a car.

Below is Kent Narrows restaurants.

Below is the bridge at Kent Narrows.  We had a great lunch at The Crab Claw.

Above is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Below is the Annapolis area near Spa Creek

Above is Garry's yacht and below Julie and I are having a drink at "Ego Alley" in Annapolis

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