Monday, March 23, 2015

Sun Get Together With Adrian Cockcroft

Adrian Cockcroft, former Sun Distinguished Engineer (DE), eBay DE, Chief Architect at Netflix (the guy who was responsible for the architecture that turned Netflix from just mailing out DVDs to be the leaders they are in on demand viewing) and currently with Battery Ventures was in town with his wife Laurel and we got together a few of the ole SUNWers for brunch in McLean.

From left to right is Laurel, David Sneed, Curt Harpold, Adrian, John Meyer, me and Bob Sneed. Behind us, from left to right, is Curt's Tesla Roadster, John's 2010 Corvette and my 2011 Grand Sport Corvette.

It was great getting together to tell a few Sun stories, talk technology, and cars.  We did talk a little about MTConnect and Memex Automation.  It is also interesting how many people have CNC experience at some point in their background.  Far and away the #1 topic was electric vehicles and Sun stories.

Above is Curt in front of his latest Tesla Roadster.  Curt took me for a fun ride that was a very educational.  I have to admit, there is nothing like the immediacy of an electric motor. I need to finish up editing my 20 minute video took when Curt gave me a ride and will post that.

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