Monday, January 18, 2010

SoftWare Technical Roundtable (SWTR) - Global Technology Weekly Webinar

For almost five years  I have been hosting a weekly technology webinar called the SoftWare Technical Roundtable (SWTR).  The SWTR has evolved from initially Sun only to a global Sun and Sun's Partners Weekly Webinar showcasing Sun's software technologies.  I have really enjoyed this and I know that we have created a tremendous amount of IP over the years.  We would also use the venue to provide organized feedback into Product Management for software product futures.

Last month, the SWTR became part of Sun's Continuous Engineering Conference (SCEC) joining Sun's System and Storage Lines Of Businesses.  These sessions typically run about two hours with the emphasis on hands-on, deep dive technical sessions led by Subject Matter Experts (SME).  We record these sessions for those who might miss the sessions.   Partners can learn more here at onestop4partners (login/password controlled).

If you are a Sun employee or a Sun Partner and would like to join the SWTR, please let me know.  Sun employees and Sun Partners know how to reach me :-)

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